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Company policy

V.A.P.K. Company, Ltd.

V.A.P.K. Company, Ltd. was founded in February 1995. Headquarter of the company is in Pustiměř, a retail warehouse in Úpice. The main object of activity is production of flue pipes, elbows and pipes, chimney hoops, coal scuttle and smoke exchanger for domestic and industrial use. The company's priority is using existing experience to achieve a high level of product processing as a prerequisite for managing the implementation of contracts for the demanding needs of the domestic and European markets, while maintaining all requirements for safe use. The company wants within EU competition noticeably break into the market, surmise compliance with all requirements of demanding customers.
Increased customer demands in a challenging market environment, the company carries out with continuous attention to product quality, services, and consulting services. The quality of our work depends on the qualifications of the personnel of our company. The reputation of the organization is supported by many years of effort to create a company based on honest and serious negotiations with customers. Quality Management System (QMS) and environmental (EMS) consists of an integrated management system of the organization. Company management is committed to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system, particularly through the stated goals, target value, programs and control mechanisms.

Quality control


The Environmental Management System

In Pustiměř,  October 10th , 2005
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