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Declaration of conformity

According to § 13 paragraph 2 of Act No. 22/1997 Coll. the technical requirements for products and on amendments to some Acts as amended
Manufacturer: V.A.P.K., s. r. o.
Pustiměř 709, 683 21 Pustiměř
ID: 60737751
hereby declares on own responsibility that the product:
Steel smoke flue V.A.P.K., s. r. o.
the assessment of conformity with the manufacturer's performance requirements for product safety.Vypočuť
The product is designed for connection of heating appliances to chimney passages and it is used for flue gas, fuel oil and solid fuels to a maximum temperature of 500 ° C with a vacuum system operation. Produced parts of smoke flue (metal straight smoke and exhaust pipes with a nominal length of 1000 mm and smoke and metal tow knee 90 degrees) are available without a finishes with nominal diameters in the range of basic 100-105-112-118-120-130-132-145-152-160 mm. Solid steel smoke flues EN 1856-2 T400 N1 D Vm L02045G (500) steel material according to ČSN 411321 a minimum thickness of 0.45 mm in accordance with BS 734201, Table A, 3, are designed for grades resistance to condensate D1 , D2, D3.Vypočuť
Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the characteristics of the product meet all relevant requirements set out in Government Regulation No. 190/2002 Coll. laying down technical requirements for selected construction products (89/106/EEC) as amended by Government Regulation No. 251/2003 Coll. Government and No.128/2004 Coll.
This product for the intended purpose under normal conditions and following the installation in accordance with instructions for assembly is capable of safe use.
In the assessment of conformity, the harmonized standard:
Initial type-testing conducted NB 1020 - Technical and Testing Building Institute Prague and PAVUS, the authorized person AO 216, NB 1391st
Furthermore, when considering the use of the document:
During the conformity assessment procedure under § 12, paragraph 3, letter c, d) of Act No. 22/1997 Coll. as amended.
In Pustiměř,  08th of November  2008
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